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Seagate / LaCie


your brand,
our touch
of magic.

Not only are we driven by creativity and design, we also care as much about your sales as you do. We are experts in above and below the line and we make it look awesome while we’re at it.

logo design
& (re)branding

Brand identity, Corporate house styles, Stationary, Brand refresh, Brand imagery, employer branding

online design

Website, email, landing pages, social media images, infographic, presentations, banners, newsletters

offline design

POS materials, flyers, brochures, white papers, direct mailing, advertising, magazine, booth design

animated design

3D, (animated) video, photography, illustration, company movie

printing (via preferred partners)

Newsletters, POS material, corporate house styles, flyers, postmailings,...

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LaCie Rugged Drives

The multi-channel campaign was a resounding success on all fronts.



In total 233 it-managers or cxo’s visited one of the roadshows.


SAS Forum

We managed to position SAS as a tech player with relevance in our life and work.


digital workplace

A successful Google Search campaign.


who we do it with

Joost Ducatteeuw

creative director

Davy Van Lijsebeth

art director

Ruud Van Bossche

creative 3D designer

Nina De Witte

design & project officer

Jorina De Saeger

creative designer

Kristof De Roeck

managing director & owner

Laurens De Lanoeye

marketing director & owner

who we do it for

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