World Padel Tour Game, set, and match : the World Padel Tour


Belgium (Brussels)


For the third consecutive year, the World Padel Tour - featuring the sport’s foremost players - arrived in Brussels for their annual exhibition. Its popularity in previous years meant that the 2019 edition was bigger and better than ever before. Now hosted at the 5,500²m Place Rogier, it was expected to welcome 10,000 spectators across four days. The organisers, a collaboration between the World Padel Tour and ULB Sports, placed their trust in All Colors of Communications for:

  1. Communications to boost ticket sales
  2. A press conference to launch the event
  3. Public relations guidance over the course of the four days
  4. Scheduling interviews with the world’s best paddle team: Maximiliano Sanchez and Sanyo Gutierrez
  5. Crisis communication on the final day due to bad weather (meaning the event had to be moved to an indoor location)


PR Guidance: We jumped into the world of padel by identifying key messages for the press which would put the spotlight on this fast-growing sport. As a result, we created a press invitation and a press kit.

During the press conference, spokespeople of the World Padel Tour and ULB Sports introduced the event - the largest of its kind in Belgium. Olivier Rochus, Sabine Appelmans, Thomas Buffel, and others were interviewed directly by the press. Lastly, we also supported in-depth coverage of the event by TV shows such as Sportweekend and Le Weekend Sportif.

Crisis communication: On Sunday, Brussels was struck by poor weather - meaning the World Padel Tour’s Exhibition was forced to be relocated to an indoor venue. We prepared a statement for the press and the All Colors spokesperson delivered a short interview with Belga to further explain the situation.


The metrics were impressive: 72 articles, with a reach of 8,383,081, at a total media value of €286,537. The World Padel Tour received plenty of attention in both the national and Brussels press, including a great number of in-depth articles and reports off the back of the events. Both organisers were explicitly mentioned in every piece, and the customer’s overall expectations were exceeded.


- Sportweekend: “What makes the sport of padel so attractive?”

- Sporza: “Thomas Buffel has discovered a new sport: “Padel: fun and intense”

- Bruzz: “Place Rogier under the spell of padel for four days”

- La Libre Belgique: “Brussels, the world’s capital of padel for four days”

- Le Soir: “Bad weather: the World Padel Tour moved from Brussels to La Hulpe”

- RTL-TVI: “Violent winds sweep over Belgium: no storm, but watch out for flying branches and high tides”