Skygge Google Ads works




Skygge is a specialist in sun blinds, smart living and outdoor life. For the summer, Skygge wished to put the spotlight on their solutions for terrace awnings.
But as a small business, it was important to approach this in a very carefully considered, budget-conscious and controlled manner. Offers and installations have to be followed up carefully – a big challenge if you have to criss-cross the entire country to take measurements. How could we best increase Skygge’s brand awareness, visibility and sales ... while keeping it highly local?


Google Ads: Search + Display ads

We found the answer in the form of an attention-grabbing digital campaign, in which geographic targeting was crucial. Attention-grabbing as in offering a feel-good experience when purchasing a sun blind solution. Where competitors tend to offer a discount or throw in a free motor, Skygge’s customers received an all-in BBQ dinner party for 10 people, with the cook and the food included.
Digital, geographic targeting as in Google ads directed at potential customers within a 30-kilometre radius of Skygge’s head office. Our digital campaign included both search ads and display ads with the right keywords and criteria that steered interested consumers towards the action page of the website.


With a relatively small budget and over just a few months’ time, we succeeded in drawing +5000 potential customers to the online action page. Never before had Skygge received so many requests for a quote via the website. Even the number of people registering for the newsletter rose enormously. Skygge became better known in the region and, as the cherry on the cake, was able to close some excellent deals.