Insight digital workplace




Lead Generation

Insight wants to prepare companies for the new way of working: the digital workplace with Microsoft Office 365. Target was to reach out to businesses in need of an Office 365 solution. We needed to convince them to show their interest in a free migration to Office 365, by completing a web form.


To reach out to the target group - companies that could benefit of this Office 365 solution - we set up a Google Search Ads campaign.

First, we targeted the right audience, based on location, language, interests and other parameters. Secondly, we created multiple ads (content and design) to try and find the most valuable answer/messaging for these persons.

Knowing that our ad is relevant, we could start to convince the targeted people to fill in the form and to contact Insight for a complete migration to Office 365.
A lead is born.


More than 22.000 impressions, over 2.500 clicks and an average time on page of 2,25 minutes. A successful social campaign that actually converted into leads, followed up by the Insight sales specialists to fulfill their needs in "workplace transformation".