Nutanix Old school marketing to grow new business

Real transformations are often initiated by people with guts. People who dare question a status quo, who dare to think big, who want to explore new ways of thinking and working. These are the people that Nutanix, an enterprise cloud platform on a mission to make infrastructure invisible, wanted to reach. Not with a typical marketing approach, but by inspiring them. They turned to us to come up with a content strategy to maximize the sales funnel.




To inspire people, you need to tell a story. Or multiple stories. We started thinking about what stories we wanted to tell, how we would deliver these to the target audience, and what the rest of the funnel would look like. The main location to reach the target audience: events organized by Nutanix partners. In these digital times, there’s nothing better to stand out than a ‘good old-fashioned’ quality magazine with strong, convincing stories. Only one story was told by Nutanix, the 9 others were from tech experts, visionary thinkers and customers. With a digital campaign to accompany these magazines, we initiated a strong sales funnel, following up with more concrete Nutanix stories and real-life meetings as our end goal.


We built a high-end tech magazine, made up from inspiring stories to convince the target audience that Nutanix is a brand with a vision. This magazine is the perfect starting point of a strong content marketing campaign, tailor-made for the kind of audience Nutanix wants to connect to.