SAS wanted to go beyond the success of their yearly SAS Forum, to showcase the importance of analytics in our society to a brand-new audience. That is why they entered the first edition of the innovation festival in Leuven. SAS became the main sponsor and tasked with making sure they offered real added value on top of the already elaborate program. Both customers and visitors needed to walk away from the festival knowing SAS is an innovative and relevant company in today’s society.


From the long list of keynotes and discussions, we handpicked those speakers that had something to say about some AI- and analytics-related hot topics. We sat them down together with a SAS specialist in sofa sessions to discuss three subjects: robotics, smart cities and AI in healthcare. Beforehand, We put together lists of interesting questions. We captured the discussions and published them on Youtube afterwards. We also got some quotes from all panelists to use on social media. Lastly, we invited journalists, who spoke to SAS experts and the other panelists.


We managed to position SAS as a tech player with relevance in our life and work. We also introduced a brand-new audience to the company. Thanks to the video materials and quotes, we managed to generate exposure for months after the event. Media articles based on the interviews, as well as the articles our content team wrote for SAS's blog and the experts' LinkedIn blogs, emphasized the relevance of SAS and their expertise in analytics and AI.