Exact video marketing


Belgium, Netherlands


Your story made to stick

You offer the best, most beautiful, largest. But if your customer tells from his experience why your solution is an added value for them, the prospects will accept it faster. A personal story lasts longer than a list of specs.

Driving sales
A reference case boosts your sales process. According to research firm Gartner, prospects decide 25% faster and there is an increased buying behavior (up to 65%). IDC sees the deal closed 40% faster.


It's not about you, it's about your customer.

Exact wanted to show their business software as a perfect tool for entrepreneurs who deal with e-commerce activities.

The process went through three phases:

1. Preparation: together with the customer we define the messaging. In this case, we work without a full written script. By having the end customer tell the story in his own words, the overall feeling is more authentic.

2. In one day we interview all spokes and film extra images that reflect the customer's activity and demonstrate the added value of Exact.

3. The first editing was done the day itself (in a mobile editing van). The advantage of this is that Exact can evaluate a first version the next day. After a review round, we delivered the video within a week (including subtitles in both national languages).


Exact uses the video on their own website, social media channels and at events.
By not focusing on an Exact solution (product x, version 3.2) the video is less time-bound, which means that the investment will pay off for longer.
A tip: Provide a plan to share the case as much as possible (amplification) via own channels, through ambassadors and also share them with the press.

Exact can prospect with the video in specific markets. The end customer receives extra exposure and by cooperating the customer is seen as a progressive industry leader.

References for video customer reference cases
We did similar video cases - in Belgium and abroad - for several customers: Check Point Software Technologies, ComputaCenter, Dell, Epson, LaCIE. Sentia, Trend Micro, VMware.

In 2016 our agency received from VMware the Best Customer Storytelling Award - EMEA Agency.