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happy charger

Happy Charger campaign promotes charging courtesy across Europe

As an expert in  leasing and fleet management, LeasePlan wants to convince as many drivers as possible to opt for an electric car. However, drivers are often worried about long charging times and the search for an available charging station. LeasePlan therefore sought to provide an answer with an original charging disc. All Colors of Communication went to work and developed a complete Happy Charger campaign, including tips for courteous charging. To ensure that everyone stays happy at the charging station.

Charging courtesy thanks to 10 tips

The Happy Charger campaign emphasizes charging etiquette: electric drivers were given an orange charging station disc – a variation on the traditional blue parking disc – that they can place behind the windshield while charging the car. The disc indicates when the charging station will be available again. It informs other EV drivers when it is their turn to charge. We also launched 10 golden rules to encourage electric driving courtesy.

The 10 courtesy tips: 

  1. Use a charging station only when you need to charge, not to just park the car 
  2. Move your car as soon as it is sufficiently charged 
  3. Keep track of time, so you perfectly know when the car can be moved 
  4. Do not charge the battery to 100% - the last 20% takes the longest 
  5. Do not disturb other users of a charging station 
  6. Be prepared and use apps to check if a charging station is available 
  7. Do not use charging stations for car sharing 
  8. Never park a non-electric vehicle at a charging station; after all, an electric vehicle is also not parked at a gas station 
  9. Respect the highway code: for example, do not park against the driving direction 
  10. Use the charging station disc to indicate when your vehicle will be sufficiently charged 
happy charger

Everyone Happy Charger!

EV drivers who are a customer of LeasePlan were sent a Happy Charger disc. New EV customers also received a charging disc with their electric car. Furthermore, we communicated widely via social media, videos, web content and press, and we set up a social media campaign where people could request a disc through a registration page. The press release about the Happy Charger campaign was picked up by various media.

Video file
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Mockup happy charger card

The orange card goes around Europe 

The Happy Charger charging disc grew into a popular gadget with more than 8000 copies currently in circulation. LeasePlan received requests from across national borders. Because of the campaign’s success, Happy Charger is now also being rolled out in other European countries. 

more than
copies currently in circulation

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