A tasty beer requires love, craftmanship …and patience.

Eylenbosch Patience

Brewing a good
old Geuze beer again

Brewing a good old Geuze beer again, under the Eylenbosch name, entirely according to traditional methods

was the ambitious plan that school friends Eric De Keersmaeker and Jeroen Lettens, along with the brand-new brewer Klaas Vanderpoorten, wanted to achieve. They already had the ‘well water’ and the name, and Eric's experience as a fifth-generation brewer was a definite plus. And yet it was far from easy, for brewing an authentic Geuze requires a lot of time, lambic and money.

The request for a new logo, a corporate identity and the launch of this story completes our briefing

  1. Full branding of the new brewery and beers
  2. Introduction of Eylenbosch in the Belgian market
  3. Funding
  4. Website
€ media value
sold in
stores around
€ raised via crowdfunding
Eylenbosch brouwerij
Eylenbosch flesjes aanbod

The birth of Eylenbosch 2.0

The dream of Eric, Jeroen and Klaas soon became tangible in the form of an appropriate logo (the right mix of old meets new), translated into a label and a glass. A sophisticated PR campaign (in a beer restaurant during a press lunch) was the way to tell the story to the trade press and Geuze fans. There was great interest, and the new Eylenbosch acquired a face and was officially born.

With the assistance of some friends and a bit of patience

Alongside the start-up, a crowdfunding campaign was launched in order to bridge the lengthy Geuze brewing process. While awaiting the first Geuze, an initial beer was brewed which was appropriately named ‘Patience’. This Eylenbosch Saison was, along with the future Geuze and other merchandising, offered in various packages via a crowdfunding campaign, from a ‘Sympathiser sympa’ package for €35 to an Eylenbosch Founder package for €3000.

Eylenbosch logo full
Eylenbosch Groepsfoto

patience is a beautiful virtue

Eylenbosch bullets

Patience is bottled 6 times in 2 years. An ideal opportunity to do something fun with the label ... As the date approaches, the hourglass continues to run, until finally the Oude Gueuze is there and the waiting is over.


vé ne goeie geuze,
moede wa patience emme.

Eyelnbosch cards
Eyelnbosch 4-pack beers
Eylenbosch website shot

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