Skype Meeting Access


skype meeting access

Everyone needs to be able to work with everyone else, and that is why our client, VisionsConnected (now Kinly), developed Skype Meeting Access. This solution creates a bridge between the closed world of Skype for Business and all other business videoconferencing solutions. 

Productivity is extremely important in this process, certainly at a time when everything goes increasingly faster. Ever more organisations need a way for efficient contacts with other parties. The productivity of Skype for Business ensures that clients do not need to replace their current videoconferencing equipment. VisionsConnected offers a solution via their videoconferencing cloud. The best of both worlds! 


For optimal reach, we advertised online on the Google Display network. In addition, we distributed a press release to carefully selected media within our network. This ensured that we reached the right target group via various routes! 

The online ads led to a vision article that was posted on the client’s blog. After that retargeting allowed us to approach readers of the blog again with a LinkedIn advertisement that led them to the conversion page. 

The ADWords search campaign that we set up ensured that the relevant search traffic was directed to the right conversion page. 

This way, we designed and implemented the entire buyer’s journey


"We received excellent help in developing a high-quality campaign. The number of leads seems low, but the average offer value for this service is very high, and therefore the campaign generated a very good ROI."

Robert Blaas (Visions Connected / Kinly) 

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