Say it with ... a flower!

Insight MS Surface campaign

Microsoft Surface campaign

A customised Microsoft Surface laptop 

At home, in the office or on the road? We need a laptop that works seamlessly, anytime and anywhere. Microsoft’s Surface series has a model suited to each context. As a reseller, Insight distributes the laptops as a Daas (Device-as-a-Services). Clients can choose the ideal model for each employee. Someone who is frequently on the road may wish to choose a robust laptop. A designer, on the other hand, needs a computer that is more powerful than an average model. 

With Daas, clients choose their computers tailored to the needs of their employees, just as they do for a leased car. Insight provides end-to-end service: support, installation, security, etc. Clients receive a device with everything already installed. 

Say it with ... a flower! 

In order to enable clients to discover the advantages and user-friendliness of a Surface laptop, Insight sends a device on loan to the person with final authority in selected companies. We provided a unique gift packaging in which to send out the laptops. The inspiration for the design of the box came from Insight’s logo, a pictogram that is reminiscent of a flower unfolding. That is precisely the ‘unboxing experience’ we wanted to give the client. 

In the box, the recipient first finds the safely wrapped Surface laptop. There is an accompanying letter that sets out the DaaS concept. When the ‘flower’ opens further, the client also sees a soft blanket with the text ‘New Way of Working’. A lovely gift for someone working from home and who enjoys snuggling up on the sofa under a blanket after (or even during) the workday. At the bottom of the box are all the cables for the laptop, and a set of comfortable Surface Earbuds. 

Insight MS Surface campaign

Unique packaging makes an impression 

The unique gift box resulted in many happy reactions. Including from Insight clients, who would like to use the idea themselves. For example, to welcome new employees in times of teleworking with a nice box containing their customised Insight laptop. 

Insight has now sent a second batch of computers to clients, and would like to apply the same concept abroad (in Austria) as well. A nice little extra for this campaign is that the idea has caught the attention of Microsoft. They have prepared a business case about our box as an example of a strong marketing campaign. 

microsoft surface campaign
microsoft surface campaign

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