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The quest for a cybersecurity specialist... via PR 

According to a study by the employment organization Agoria, by 2030 there will be more than 584,000 unfilled vacancies. With the rapid roll-out of digitalization as a result of COVID-19, it is becoming ever more difficult for companies to find the right candidates. This is certainly the case in the IT sector, where ‘cybersecurity specialist’ is one of the most highly sought profiles. In Brussels, our client Fujitsu therefore decided, in collaboration with Evoliris, Actiris and Bruxelles Formation, to offer its own training in cybersecurity.

Press conference with the minister

To raise awareness of this project, they called upon the know-how of All Colors of Communication. We chose a press conference with the spokespersons of the various participants in the initiative as our tool. In addition, Bernard Clerfayt, Minister of the Brussels Capital Region government responsible for Work, Professional Training and Digitalization, came to support the project. A collaboration between the private sector and government services, focused on training for the unemployed, and a new approach to addressing a skills shortage, were the core messages around which we structured the press conference. We looked after the entire package, from the invitation and practical arrangements beforehand to support during and after the press conference and associated interviews. And then on to the studios or a live interview.

ACTIRIS press conference

Coverage, coverage, coverage

At least nine media groups sent one or more journalists, as a result of which at least 45 articles appeared in the most important national and regional/Brussels media: Het Nieuwsblad, La Libre, L’Avenir, La Dernière Heure, RTL Info, La Nouvelle Gazette, Metro, LN24, Belga, the RTBF channels, 1001 Infos, Bruzz, BXM, Bruxelles Métropole/Brussel Metropool and Arabel. Our message also reached the specialist business media (Trends/Tendances), B2B IT media (Data News, Channel Belgium and Solution Magazine) and HR magazines (PeopleSphere).

A satisfied client...

The articles mentioned all the organizations, which in turn were very happy with the result. The collaboration between the private sector and government – the core message – came through loud and clear in each one.

A few headlines:

A public-private partnership allows 12 Brussels residents to obtain diplomas in cybersecurity

- Tendances

Public-private partnership allows 12 Brussels residents to obtain diplomas in cybersecurity

- La Libre

Private and public sectors offer training in cybersecurity

- Solutions Magazine

Brussels job seekers trained – and hired – by a multinational as cybersecurity specialists

- Het Nieuwsblad

The threat of cybercrime

- LN24 (Studio interview)

When a shortage of employees forces companies to reassess their methods

- Le Soir

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