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Seagate / LaCie

How do you showcase the love that creative professionals cherish for your brand?
By answering this question we helped LaCie:

  • to raise brand awareness using an authentic influencer story
  • to drive sales during summer season
  • to maximize efficiency by using an integrated approach, rolled out accross European markets

We selected 5 different European creative influencers with a wide social fanbase to convey an authentic brand message. DroneHeroes especially blew us away with what they do: creating drone videos for luxury hotel brands in South East Asia. We developed an integrated LaCie campaign based on their content.

  • content creation: the main starting point of all further assets was the story of DroneHeroes. What tips can they offer to aspiring drone photographers? Which visuals shall we use in the campaigns?
  • media campaign: we selected key photography media accross the Benelux and DACH region and published online and print advertorials with appealing content.
  • pr campaign: we pitched the content and interviews with DroneHeroes to other photography media, and adapted the blogpost to be featured on the LaCie corporate blog.
  • channel campaign: aside from a banner campaign, a blogpost and LaCie landing page were designed and developed in 4 languages. The content was subsequently used by resellers in Europe to drive traffic to their own respective e-tail channel.
influencers - DroneHeroes
pages in photo magazines

The result:

  1. Happy customers that entrusted us with a campaign that touches several levels within the European organization
  2. Increased sales during the slower summer months
  3. Positive feedback from resellers that were able to easily use quality content
  4. Last but not least: a digital fist bump from the Seagate Head of EMEA

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