Thought leadership

thought leadership

thought leadership

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Mobility. In September 2020, it suddenly appeared on the political agenda and therefore also on the news agenda of our media. As of September 2026, only zero-emission cars will be 100% tax deductible. A lot is being said and written about this. Belgians are emotional when it comes to ‘their’ cars. Employees are suspicious, since cars are an integral part of their remuneration. Employers have lots of questions about what a sustainable fleet actually means? What financial impact does this have for them? And what does the future look like? Will the car industry succeed in reinventing itself? 

Listening and asking more questions 

LeasePlan has in fact a clear vision about the future of sustainable mobility. Mobility will become sustainable, shared and autonomous. The first turning point is now behind us. 55% of Belgians says that their next car will certainly or likely be an electric vehicle. There is a good chance that you have heard, read or seen one of LeasePlan’s experts talking about this. They were happy to take the time to share their inspiring stories over a cup of coffee. And we were pleased to make time to listen to them and ask more questions, so we could tell an exciting story. 

thought leadership

Thought leadership 

We organised virtual conversations, in which many questions were asked and LeasePlan spokespersons were challenged to step out of their comfort zone. We, too, were struck by the human side of their stories, and that’s when you know that they’re doing something right. To convey the same energy to a wider audience, we engaged in conversations with journalists who were excited about mobility, about the transformation of that industry and also about the strong human story behind it all. 

There is a good term for this sort of stories: “thought leadership”. We prefer to call it “quality coverage”. Because a good story requires quality, not quantity. 

LeasePlan: thought leadership

“Where is the general political and social vision of mobility?” 

– Johan Portier, Managing Director LeasePlan Belgium.

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