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Let it snow, let it snow, let it... print 

All too often we tend to see a printer as an ‘office thing’ or something to use at home for personal administration purposes. A device that, moreover, uses too many (and expensive) ink cartridges. But what if Epson, one of the largest printer manufacturers, wanted to market their new line as the ideal printer for the whole family? 

Christmas workshop with mums ... and kids 

The new Epson EcoTank ET-2765 works without ink cartridges, has a practical LCD screen and enables you to make double-sided prints. With these features, media and blogs writing about technology are easily persuaded. The target group for these family printers, however, is you and me. Therefore, we decided to focus on blogging mothers and DIY bloggers. Since Christmas was around the corner, we opted for a creative workshop in a lovely Christmas setting, including Christmas hats and an elf to welcome the bloggers. 

Epson ecotank workshop bloggers
Epson ecotank workshop bloggers

The bloggers we selected guaranteed quality and a wide reach on Instagram. On a Wednesday afternoon, the mom bloggers and their children were offered a creative workshop led by Joke Neyrinck (aka Jook). This well-known and prizewinning artist is known for her ‘doodles’. After the workshop she went on to become a brand ambassador for Epson, and designed, for instance, the Belgian Christmas card that Epson sent to its customers and partners. The bloggers and children were given a chance to make their own design, and of course to print it out to take it home. 

Bloggers recount the USPs 

During and after the workshop, the participants shared messages and stories on their social media. But in the second part of this campaign, the moms were given their own Ecotank printer at home, which they could use for their own projects. We agreed with the ladies that they would talk about the printer’s USPs in at least one blog post. For inspiration, we provided them with a few story line suggestions that they could adapt.

Epson workshop bloggers

The result

The workshop was a big success. We had 14 participants with their children come to our winter location. 

On social media, Epson also reached the desired lifestyle audience During the event, the bloggers shared no fewer than 73 stories on Instagram. Afterwards, they posted even more messages and dozens of stories on their social media channels. To ensure continuity and not publish everything the same week, they were asked to spread out their contributions over a period of six months. Since then, eight blog posts have already appeared, each with its own distinctive insights. This is of course much more effective than a boring review on a technology blog. 

Epson ecotank workshop bloggers

Our choice of creative bloggers has also borne fruit. For example, one of the articles comes from Nononsonsmoms, de blog of a photographer who took fabulous pictures of the printer. She usually photographs nature and landscapes, and so the angle of it being an environmentally friendly printer was ideal. 

Discover the blog here

Epson ecotank workshop bloggers

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