Inbound marketing

convert content into customers

If you're not familiar with inbound marketing: it is in essence the art of attracting customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to their needs. Say what?

It's like cold calling, but you already know that the person on the other side is already interested in your offering and is waiting for your call.

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Inbound marketing methodology

A necessity for every company

Many companies focus on new buying customers to increase their customer portfolio. With an inbound marketing strategy you will also take existing customers into account and inform them in such a way that they are either buying again or open to cross-selling.

The underlying methodology has three phases:
attract - engage - delight.

What we do is divede all individual communication techniques under these different steps to immerse your customers and prospects in a constant communication flow.


Social media
Content strategy


Lead flows
E-mail marketing
Lead management
Conversational bots
Marketing automation


Smart content
E-mail marketing
Attribution reporting
Conversations inbox
Marketing automation

Improve your sales and marketing efficiency

The implementation of inbound marketing in your business strategy is a tailored made solution. Together with you we set up an audit to go through your workflow, align this with your marcom strategy, set KPI's and generate appealing content that in the end leads to sales.

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