Dell forum Brussels




Dell EMC wanted to increase the number attendees to their Dell Technologies Forum through online conversion. They asked us to try and recruit 120 IT managers from Belgium for the event using targeted social and online advertising.


We developed an online strategy using LinkedIn and Google Adwords as the backbone. Via LinkedIn InMail, we tried a very personal approach by inviting relevant IT profiles to the event using the name of the Dell EMC BeLux Marketing Manager. In parallel with the LinkedIn-campaign, we launched a Google Adwords campaign in which we microtargeted very specific keywords used by IT managers in Google. For certain queries, we managed to appear in the overall top 3 results.
We created buzz around the event and managed to get a lot of press coverage before, during and after the forum. Blogs and opinion articles, written by us for use by Dell EMC employees and managers, helped in spreading the word and had the added benefit of supporting the ad campaign with strong pieces of content, helping Dell EMC show its leadership and vision ahead of the main event.


Our Adwords campaign was a resounding success and the LinkedIn strategy managed a click through rate of 50 % (compared with an industry average of 3%). As a result, we surpassed our goal and managed 175 conversions, far more than the required 120. The buzz we created made sure the forum attracted 800 attendees in total. Journalists were present at the event and interviewed keynote speakers and executives on site and even beforehand, resulting in coverage in the most important publications.