How do you convince 15 experienced captains to set the right course?


How do you convince 15 experienced captains to set the right course?

For 35 years now, Atlas Grow How has been a point of reference in the training sector. When the team asked us to take a closer look at their marketing approach, the challenge was immediately clear: how do you convince 15 experienced trainers of the right course to take when they are the ones who set the course every day? The answer: with a strong and complete story. We also decided to zoom out a bit and start with the basics: branding. This was followed by a new website, promotional videos and a social media campaign.

Atlas brand guide

Keeps you growing

Atlas Grow How supports you throughout your career in your development as a person and as a professional based on different goals. We translated the multifaceted nature of this claim into an appropriate corporate identity with a new logo as well as an engaging tagline.
We represented this development process using a dynamic logo that can vary depending on where it is used. This dynamism is immediately apparent with a subtle animation of the logo on the website.

Logo design

What you see is what you get

The trainers at Atlas Grow How communicate directly, tell it like it is and dare to go against the flow when needed. Good to know and even more convincing to see it in action. We made a video portrait of each trainer during a training session that perfectly reflects what you can expect from them. In the video, participants from the session also testify about how Atlas Grow How has an impact on their growth, as people and professionals.

Video file

User-friendliness was a key element in the development of the new website. The task: to guide visitors to a matching trainer and the right training as quickly as possible. With a convenient search tool and feedback from satisfied customers, we put visitors on the right path to personal growth.

Work in progress

Atlas Grow How’s story continues to evolve, and we are very happy to contribute to this as a partner. To be continued!

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