Online acceleration during Motor Show



Online acceleration during Motor Show

When you are conquering the Belgian car market with new, 100 per cent electric models, you just have to find a way to stand out during the Brussels Motor Show. That is why Maxus came knocking on our door. A strong online campaign gives Maxus an electrifying boost, resulting in 286 quotes and 549 test drive requests. Read here how we went about it.


Electric driving is trendy

The electrification of the car market is paving the way for numerous ambitious brands. Maxus is one of the major newcomers from China and in Belgium it is part of Astara Western Europe. At the Brussels Motor Show (BMS) too, electric models are now taking centre stage. To attract more visitors to the Maxus stand and, in the meantime, also collect online requests for quotes and test drives, we are launching campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

Four models, two strategies


First, the account manager and Team Digital sit around the table to outline a strategy. There are four Maxus models we want to promote in January and February 2023. The eDeliver3 and eDeliver9 are electric vans that are known to Belgian customers already thanks to an always-on campaign we run for Maxus. As part of the BMS, we decide to slightly adjust the content and call-to-action (CTA) of this campaign to attract visitors to the Motor Show.

Most of the budget immediately goes to creating lead gen ads on Facebook and Instagram.

For the remaining Maxus models, we prefer a completely different strategy. The MIFA9 is an electric MPV and the T90 EV an electric pick-up. Both cars are a first for the Belgian public at the BMS, so we decided to use the entire campaign budget to create awareness. In addition to Facebook and Instagram, we also launch ads via Google.

Shifting up a gear

After plotting out the strategy, the design team will set to work on the visuals for the campaign. Once these are ready, the digital marketers take over. They put everything online and monitor the campaign for two months, making the necessary optimisations to keep improving results.
Meanwhile, the two new Maxus models are also a hit among the public,

which led us to decide to shift the budget for the entire line-up to lead generation on 1 February.

And the results are there, because with a KPI of 250 leads (both online and on the BMS), these are the amazing figures of this more than successful campaign:

contact requests
requests for a price quote
requests for a test drive
quotes at the Brussels Motor Show

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