20 customers, 6 exhibition stands, 13 videos and 95 clippings (so far): this was Cybersec Europe 2023

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The most important two-day event for cybersecurity in Europe? It’s obvious All Colors of Communication just had to be there. For the second year in a row, we supported Cybersec Europe as a PR partner. And it doesn't stop there, because the trade fair was also a highlight for twenty of our customers. That is why we pulled out all the stops: we helped design and produce stands, brand goodies, set up clever lead gen campaigns and so much more. We even sent our own film crew to the exhibition to shoot teasing corporate videos. You'll find out exactly what we did below.  

Creating a ‘buzz’ in the media

Cybersec Europe is the central hub where experts and policymakers come together to devise strategies in the fight against ransomware. During the event, visitors can attend interesting keynotes given by international specialists and visionaries. 
More than two months before the fair, we start engaging behind the scenes with surprising personalities, including Nina Schick, consultant on Generative AI; Ramsés Gallego, a man with a strong vision on the impact of quantum computing; and Ksenia Illiuk, a young woman on the digital frontline of the war against disinformation in Ukraine. 

The result? Opinion pieces, articles and interviews highlighting Cybersec Europe in both specialised and popular media, and on radio, including on Business AM. At the fair too, our PR colleagues are doing what they can to assist journalists. Everything starts with a good story and we are happy to help write it. 

A few highlights: 

Support before, during and after the fair

As a partner of Cybersec Europe, it is a nice extra that quite a few exhibitors are customers of All Colors. As many as twenty of our customers were present at the fair. All of them contributed their own solutions and expertise to the larger cybersecurity puzzle. 
To highlight their story, our marketing and design teams helped design and build the stands. And provided eye-catching goodies, attractive landing pages and strong communications that the companies could use to address their visitors and potential customers. 

Filming and editing videos 

You can tell a good story in both text and images. To reinforce the words, our own video crew spent two full days on the exhibition floor. Not only to document the atmosphere, but also for interviews with both customers and prospects. The footage was edited in real time by our design team, allowing exhibitors to score with great videos on their social media channels and with (future) customers even during the fair. 

From design to lead generation, marketing and public relations ... Cybersec Europe was a unique opportunity to show the versatility of All Colors of Communication, both for the event organisers and our own customers. We are already looking forward to the next edition. 

Of course, you don't have to wait that long to get started with your own PR, communication and marketing. Our teams are ready to support you. Contact us here for more info! 

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