Communicating with your employees via a trendy magazine


Communicating with your employees via a trendy magazine

A trendy home magazine in which your employees themselves take centre stage. Now that is strengthening your employer branding! For LeasePlan, we make a fascinating magazine with HR updates, personal stories and other top notch content.

Stories that create engagement


LeasePlan's employees call themselves one big, close-knit family. Now that working from home is well established, LeasePlan was looking for a way to keep employees engaged. Our marketing team came up with Let's Talk LeasePlan. Every quarter, LeasePlan employees receive an edition in the mail.

In this paper magazine they get to know various departments, read success stories, company news and, thanks to a number of fixed sections, also get to know newcomers and colleagues with special hobbies. Each magazine ends with a game called Playtime. A magazine with useful information, interspersed with playful content. The magazine is warmly received, which immediately set us off for a whole series.

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The entire magazine from A to Z


For the layout of the magazine, we work with different teams at All Colors. Together with LeasePlan, our account managers determine the topics for the next edition. Afterwards, everything is put into a clear schedule. Based on the input and interviews, our content team gets to work writing all the articles.

Our designers then turn them into a coherent whole with an attractive layout in a predetermined look & feel. Finally, our print team ensures that the magazine is printed and arrives in the letterbox of all LeasePlan employees.

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Tight planning and clear deadlines


Meanwhile, we can confirm it: things can sometimes get heated in editorial offices, with firm deadlines and lots of last-minute changes. But teamwork makes the dream work. The fact that our copywriters have a background in journalism is a bonus. They know the drill and eat the tight deadlines for breakfast. This requires a steady writing pace every time, but thanks to the perfectly prepared planning of our account managers, everything runs like clockwork.

And team Design? They have already finished a cover, perfectly linked to a particular theme or moment in the year.

The result? An easy-to-read, enjoyable magazine that LeasePlan employees look forward to every time. And we feel like real editors every time!

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Reaching KPI's - that's what it's all about. We are one of the few agencies in the Benelux to combine the strengths of PR, (digital) marketing, content and design in-house. This gives us the opportunity to translate the most complex questions into successful result-driven campaigns.