Seagate SkyHawk Pelicase


Standing out at trade shows, thanks to augmented reality


A successful exhibition stand does not have to be big. It can also stand out because of a clever idea. Seagate Technology, world leader in data storage, was looking for a concept that could go from exhibition to exhibition in Europe to showcase their data recovery services. Enter: customised pelican cases that use an augmented reality experience to bring the complex service to life.

In the surveillance world, 'peli cases' are a household name. They are indestructible cases: waterproof, dustproof and airtight. Perfect for transporting important data. And so are Seagate's drives. Moreover, all Seagate drives come with a unique 'Rescue Service': if something goes wrong (even human error), experts in the lab in Amsterdam will recover your data for free.


Burned, drowned and crushed


To make this complex and technical service manageable for the target audience, we burned, drowned and crushed nine Seagate disks! (We have to admit our hearts bled a little while doing this.) We put these broken disks into custom-made plexiglass boxes, which can be scanned with an iPad. For the case, we make a perfectly tailored foam, so everything stays neatly in place and can be shipped all over Europe.

Those who scan the stickers on the plexiglass boxes get a real augmented reality experience. On the iPad screen, visitors suddenly get to see what happened to the broken drive and how Seagate comes ‘to the rescue’. Curious about the augmented reality as seen by visitors to the fair?

Try it for yourself

Scan the QR codes below.

On our website you have to scan the QR code every time you want to destroy a new disc, which is not the case for the Pelican case.

Seagate Skyhawk Pelicase
Skyhawk Pelicase

Conversation starter for sales


What makes the experience extra cool is that it is mobile throughout Europe. Three pelican cases travel Europe to be used at surveillance fairs; they have since been used at fairs in Poland, the United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands. No matter how big or small the stand at the niche fairs, the sales have a real eye-catcher with them, a perfect conversation starter.

Want to know how augmented reality can add an extra dimension to your story?

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