Lead generation among CIOs and IT managers

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Lead generation among CIOs and IT managers

The products and services of VMware are generally not easy to understand, and this is also true for a technically based target group. Moreover, in this sector developments succeed each other at lightning pace and a purchasing decision often takes quite a bit of time. Therefore it is important that the person making a decision is well informed.

How can we give decision-makers the right information about their decision regarding the cloud?

How can we inform IT managers and CIOs (the target group of this campaign) about the options available in terms of working in the cloud? An important starting point is the conversion page within the VMware domain, where interested persons can download more information about VMware’s Cross-Cloud offer.


Promoting high-value on social media

In two blog series, we explained what VMware’s Cross-Cloud offer involves. We presented these blogs to the very specific target group on social media. In addition, by means of previously installed pixels, we were able to reach visitors to the blog once again.

More qualitative traffic leads to 10% growth in just one year

In the first year of our collaboration, we saw a rise in organic traffic of 17%. That the traffic seemed to have improved in qualitative terms as well was evident in the 6% rise in the average time spent on the page. The number of downloads of white papers, brochures and the number of contact requests were 10% higher than in the previous year.


““Content marketing is all about sharing and making available relevant information for the right target group. In the choice of cloud solutions, we first and foremost want to be a knowledge partner to our clients. Together we set up two blog series, one specifically for IT managers and one for CIOs. The result: 79 follow-up conversations about VMware Cross-Cloud solutions.”

Ron Grevink
Marketing Manager Benelux


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