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How do you highlight a product made for creative professionals and able to survive the roughest circumstances? Well, you ask one of those creative talents to take it to the most extreme spot he or she can think of. And who are the protagonists of this story? Back-up specialist LaCie, the Rugged family, a few absolutely top photographers and the fantastic landscapes of Kyrgyzstan and the North Pole.

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4 forces of nature, 4 seasons, 4 creatives, 4 LaCie Rugged drives. That is the underlying concept of Master of Elements. Each season, one creative sets off with a LaCie Rugged drive to withstand a force of nature. We tell the story, in word and image, on and promote it via social media, paid media, B2B and B2C newsletters and the landing pages of resellers.

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From the North Pole to Kyrgyzstan

The campaign is rolled out across all of Europe. We work actively with various resellers, including Coolblue, JigSaw and Dustin, and used their channels for communication. Next to this we have set up a partnership with Lenovo, which also carries rugged laptops for CPROs. Lenovo occupies a nice spot on the website, and together we have set up a giveaway via social media. The first two adventures have now been completed: the Dane Morten Hilmer went to the North Pole to show how the LaCie Rugged SSD Pro can withstand the nature element “wind”. The Belgian Frederik Buyckx returned from Kyrgyzstan with a LaCie Rugged SSD in his pocket. He spent a week living among semi-nomadic people, completely off the grid, to demonstrate that the LaCie drive can endure the "Earth" element.


The team at All Colors of Communication has been an integral part of the Master of Elements campaign project for LaCie. They proactively helped us with an idea we had to engage with our audience. All Colors of Communications team built out the idea and supported with all aspects from influencer management through to executing the digital campaign - as always the team did an outstanding job for our brand.

Samehra Malik, Senior Channel Marketing Manager Northern Europe

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