Partner in crime

Partner in crime de Crimilex

partner in crime

Partner in crime of Crimilex

They are the top in their field. But also a bit of an oddity, with a touch of rock 'n roll. Crimilex Strafrechtadvocaten (criminal lawyers) is a dynamic law firm that was one of the first in the sector to get into advertising. The classic ‘Out of sympathy’ in the club sheet of the local sports club was replaced by a full marketing campaign. For lawyers are in fact allowed to advertise.

Favorite! has been developing campaigns for Crimilex for the past five years. We keep trying new things and look, together with the partners of the law firm, to see what a lawyer can and may do. We pushed the envelope and then checked to what extent wordplays and allusions to criminality fit within the (legal) framework. One of the most iconic was the slogan ‘Are you in shit?’ with the phone number of Crimilex below.

In the cityscape

A stylistic breakthrough for lawyers was the bus shelter campaign. For the Crimilex poster campaign, we had begun a few years ago to use the outdoor solutions of Clear Channel Belgium. Initially, we focused on Turnhout, where the main office is located, but since their expansion to Antwerp and Hasselt, you can also find the campaigns on the city’s outdoor features and local advertising panels.

Crimilex: partner in crime

Yellow card!

Crimilex: partner in crime
Crimilex: partner in crime

One of the most remarkable campaigns was seen at the KRC Genk football stadium. Instead of choosing the classic billboards around the pitch or a business lodge, Crimilex decided to do things differently. Every time the referee drew a card for a foul, a message appeared on the large scoreboard in the stadium: ‘Also made a mistake?’, followed by a banner with Crimilex’s contact details. This is what we call sponsoring, the next level 😉

Crimilex: partner in crime
Video file

Bumpers on TV

Advertising your legal services on television? It couldn't get any crazier. But that is precisely why it is interesting to us, the people at Crimilex think. In the VIER TV series ‘Justice For All’, director Peter Boeckx featured a few notable and intriguing lawyers, including Bart Vosters of Crimilex.

We seized this opportunity to design a 5-second bumper that was shown in the advertising blocks at the beginning of the show. We focused on the episodes in which Bart Vosters was included. That also made Crimilex unique. No other participant had done this. The result was a peak in the number of website visitors.

In between, we also placed all the partners and lawyers of the firm before the camera for a unique series of portraits. We conducted the interviews, but none other than Koen Keppens, the renowned rock and concert photographer – also known for his work for Humo – recorded them on the silver screen. Yup, in other words, a bit rock ‘n roll.

Crimilex: Partner in crime

We are delighted in particular by the way our firm has been presented on the market in an original, sober but very recognizable manner. Thanks to the many positive reactions we received to our advertisements, we are convinced that the chosen approach really works.

Bart Vosters. Lawyer – Senior Partner, Crimilex Strafrechtadvocaten

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