Plastics Europe Yearbook

Plastics Europe

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Plastics Europe is an association that represents the interests of the chemical industry. They are in no way blind to the consequences of the use of plastic, but they also indicate that there are many positive developments in the sector. They wish to draw attention to these. Plastics Europe informs the various stakeholders about what is happening in Europe in the area of plastics R&D and what steps are being taken today towards sustainable development, recycling and more.

One of their action items is Operation Clean Sweep. This project was launched in 2013 to prevent spillage and loss of micropellets in nature. Every year, Plastics Europe issues a report on the state of affairs

Plastics Europe Yearbook

Plastics Europe contacted All Colors of Communication to help think together about how to design the report. The branding team came up with quite a daring design that was to make the whole look more appealing as well as more readable. The available English-language copy was first reviewed and fine-tuned internally. The decision was made to use large, full-page sized images, striking graphic elements, clear infographics, a lot of white space and a clearer subdivision.

Plastics Europe Yearbook
Plastics Europe Yearbook

The result of all this is a lovely digital magazine that every visitor to the website of Plastics Europe could download. The print version is also ready to print, but because of COVID-19, Plastics Europe took the right decision to distribute it only digitally.

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