Trendsetting Partner Awards with NFT prizes


Trendsetting Partner Awards with NFT prizes

Trend Micro brought us in for their Partner Awards to lend an epic dimension to their annual event. This was no ordinary ceremony, because we aimed to turn the spotlight on their extensive technological knowledge. So what have we done? We not only presented physical awards, but we also entered the digital world with awards in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) on the Ethereum blockchain. We also provided a physical Metaverse stand with a virtual NFT Gallery to create an intense VR experience.

Come to the Metaverse.
We have cookies (and awards)!


Trend Micro Belgium would like to make its innovative nature and extensive in-house technological knowledge more visible. With their expertise in analysing security threats, they wanted to organise a unique event that reflects the fact that they are a sound, high-tech player in the world of cybersecurity.
We’ve deployed our All Colors creativity to move away from the traditional award ceremony.

We came up with the “We Are The Future” concept to demonstrate that Trend Micro is the cybersecurity protagonist.
During the Partner Awards in Kattebroek (Dilbeek), guests were introduced to the physical Metaverse stand. Here they could take a look at the Trend Micro NFT Gallery and admire the awards and a few popular NFTs. An exciting experience for many, their first opportunity to go round an NFT Gallery as an avatar to marvel at digital art through VR glasses.

We Are The Future


Our account managers were the driving force, coordinating the whole project. The creative strategists have developed the “We Are The Future” concept, while the digital team shared their expertise on blockchain, NFTs and the NFT marketplace, OpenSea. Our designers breathed life into this concept by creating a visual version of the event and developing the awards in 3D. The project team produced the physical awards, selected the locations, arranged the catering and created a compelling Metaverse experience, a perfect blend of reality and virtuality.
The result was a success.

Upwards of 50 visitors turned up, achieving the target, and the enthusiasm affected more than just those who were actually present. The concept delighted the technologically demanding Trend Micro. After the award ceremony, they brought their partners together once more to provide an update on the latest Trend Micro technologies and to network in pleasant, friendly surroundings. The creative approach of focusing on blockchain technology with an NFT as an award and a metaverse experience at the event makes Trend Micro a hit with their customers. The VR glasses worked overtime and in the end, everyone wanted to win an NFT. Trend Micro handed out a total of six awards.

Carmen Perrino Redondo

We are extremely satisfied with the result and the role played by All Colors as an agency during our Partner Awards. Thank you for the creative ideas and for taking care of this from start to finish, from concept to implementation. Our partners won’t forget the wow-effect of this award ceremony any time soon!

Carmen Perrino Redondo
Marketing Manager - Trend Micro

Would you like to take a look at the Trend Micro NFT Gallery?


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