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Proximus SpearIT
work smarter, perform better.

How can you make a difference as a reseller in a market that is saturated with communication. That was the question that Proximus SpearIT put to us in order to highlight their expertise in data centres and the cloud. The ideal starting point to help our creative team to build a narrative. 

The IT manager as the key figure 

Proximus SpearIT still sees the IT manager as their most important contact. He or she is still the person who manages the ever more complex IT infrastructure - whether or not in collaboration with an internal or external team. And it is precisely this complexity of technology, in collaboration with a team of competent people, that ensures that we quickly make the link with Formula 1. For like an F1 team, Proximus SpearIT brings the right technology, people and knowledge to the table with the aim of enhancing the company’s performance. 

Translation into solutions and image 

Because we wanted to bring all the solutions provided by Proximus SpearIT under a single overarching structure, the quest for an all-inclusive image was far from easy. We soon came to the conclusion that it would be best if we made one ourselves. Thanks to the unlimited possibilities of 3D, we created the F1 race car. This gave us the opportunity to translate each part of the car into another solution at a later stage. 

And even in terms of the supports, the possibilities were unlimited – from the website through the roll-up banners to the entire stand design. 

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Details make the difference 

What began as a campaign quickly developed into a distinctive story. So much so that the new visual identity was also adopted on the main website. Our content team was happy to take up the challenge to spruce up the site copy and embrace the F1 story as a central theme. 

admire the result

“The greatest challenge in this story is not to allow the perspective to become a gimmick. It is important to maintain an equilibrium at all times between the seriousness that Proximus SpearIT wishes to convey, the complexity of the sector in which they are active and the people all the communication is addressed to. And our team did just that, an amazing job in terms of visuals and copywriting."

Patricia O'Brien 

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