Virtual reality and education

HTC Vive Edubloggers

virtual reality and education

HTC Vive was keen on promoting educational applications of virtual reality in schools and emphasised the role that VR can play in the curriculum. That is why we jointly organised a demo day for a group of influencers in the educational field, known as the Edubloggers. This group consists of university lecturers, professors, bloggers and members of the ICT educational association SURF.


We selected the most popular and influential Edubloggers in our network of influencers, Next, we approached them to explain the idea and gauge their interest before inviting them to the demo day.  Among the ranks of HTC Vive, we sought out the person who could tell us the most about the educational applications of HTC Vive, and that was Graham Breen, Virtual Reality software manager. We invited him to give a presentation and lead the group discussion.

Vive Computer

On the day itself, we welcomed everyone and provided lunch and assisted with the demos. At the end, in collaboration with HTC we handed out the goodie bags. The demo day consisted of:

  • A presentation about Vive and a number of educational programs such as Lifeliqe and YouVR
  • Group discussion about the future of VR in education
  • Demonstration where each attendee had a chance to test the Engage platform

"Initially, I couldn’t really imagine what I could do with it, but during the demo the power of the engage platform became absolutely clear to me"

Pieter van Rooij - blogger at iXperium

HTC Vive
HTC Vive

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