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World Padel Tour

World Padel Tour and ULB Sports
World Padel Tour Brussels

Under the spell of padel tennis 

Padel tennis is currently one of the most hype sports in our country. Padel courts are springing up everywhere like mushrooms from the ground. We won’t take credit for this, but one of the seeds lies in communication about the World Padel Tour. 

In 2019, the World Padel Tour came – for the third time in a row – to Brussels. The location chosen was the more than 5000 m2 site of the Rogier square, where competitions were played during four days and 10,000 avid spectators had a chance to discover this sport. The organisers, a collaboration between the World Padel Tour and ULB Sports, put their trust in All Colors of Communication for the following aspects

  • communications to boost ticket sales 

  • the launch via a press conference 

  • public relations assistance during the 4 days 

  • organizing interviews with the No. 1 padel duo in the world, Maximiliano Sanchez and Sanyo Gutierrez 

  • crisis communication on the last day: because of stormy weather (and force majeure), the event was moved to an indoor location 

World Padel Tour
World Padel Tour

In terms of PR, we made our way in the padel world and identified a few core messages for the media, with emphasis on the rapid rise of this sport. We also prepared the press invitations and extensive press files. During the press conference, the spokespersons of the World Padel Tour and ULB Sports introduced the largest event of its kind in Belgium. All Colors of Communication arranged for the in-depth reports that journalists prepared for sports programmes such as Sportweekend and Le Weekend Sportif. In addition, we arranged for interviews with renowned (former) tennis stars like Olivier Rochus and Sabine Appelmans and the former pro-footballer Thomas Buffel. 

Unfortunately, the bad weather was the party pooper on that weekend. The World Padel Tour was obliged to move to an indoor location. All Colors of Communication to the rescue with crisis communication. We drew up a brief statement on behalf of the organization and as PR lead, we gave a short interview with the press agency Belga to set everything straight.

The result was – in addition to a few exciting and entertaining matches – a good deal of media attention on the Flemish and French-speaking national TV stations (including VRT Sporza, RTL-TVi) and full-page articles in the newspapers (La Libre Belgique, Bruzz, Le Soir). Each time, the core messages were front and centre.

A few headlines: 

“What makes padel tennis so appealing?”


“Thomas Buffel has discovered a new sport: "Padel: fun and intense"


“Rogier square given over for four days to padel tennis”


“Brussels, world capital of padel tennis for four days.”

La Libre Belgique

“Foul weather: the World Padel Tour moved from Brussels to La Hulpe” 

Le Soir

“Fierce winds sweep Belgium: not a storm, but beware of branches and flooding!” 


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