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We thrive in simplifying intricate narratives, delivering content that not only enhances sales but also elevates your employer branding and strengthens brand awareness—whatever your goals may be.

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Customer cases

Earnie x Agilitas


With its new payroll engine, Prato is revolutionizing payroll processing. Prato wants to show to businesses that payroll processing can be faster, more accurate, and more flexible by utilizing Earnie.


We capture a customer case at Agilitas. As a staffing agency, Agilitas is the first major organization to modernize its payroll processing with Earnie. The case is featured on social media and, along with a podcast, is part of a direct mail campaign.

Explainer videos

Cybersec Europe


Cybersec Europe is Europe’s largest cybersecurity expo, an indispensable event for C-level decision-makers and IT managers who want to enhance their company’s cyber resilience. It brings together all stakeholders, including vendors, distributors and integrators. Combining cybersecurity updates with high-level keynotes and expert sessions, Cybersec Europe is the perfect platform for sharing learnings and experiences.


For exhibitors at Cybersec Europe, fast communication is essential. That’s why we shoot and edit 1-minute videos on the spot, so they can be shared on their social media channels the same day.

Brand videos

People Made


People Made sells gifts crafted by individuals facing challenges in the traditional job market. The organization seeks an authentic way to share this heartwarming story.


We create a corporate video where the creators and staff of People Made narrate the story themselves. Recipients of People Made packages scan a QR code leading to this video. Simultaneously, the video is shared on social media.




Sony invites journalists and influencers to an exclusive event to explore a range of Sony gear. Naturally, Sony also wants to give its fans a sneak peek.


An aftermovie and a few Instagram Reels capture the event's atmosphere and highlight key products.

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PR footage

Atos - autonomous store


Atos is developing an autonomous store in the duty-free zone of Brussels Airport. Despite strict security measures, Atos aims to bring this news to as much attention as possible.


If the press can't reach our client, we bring the client to the press. Using a ready-made TV report, we explain in clear language how Atos developed this innovative technology.

Animated videos

Lenovo Awards


For the annual Lenovo Awards, Lenovo approaches us to visually announce the nominees and winners in a striking manner.


Our design team creates flashy animated videos in the same visual style as the existing Lenovo material. A unique animation video is crafted for each category.

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Speed and flexibility

Our in-house expertise and our extensive team allow us to act swiftly. Due to our streamlined process and clear workflow, you can expect your video in a matter of days.


Complex storytelling

Thanks to our years of experience in complex industries, we excel in translating even the most intricate narratives into compelling stories that resonate with your audience.


ROI-centric approach

We have a relentless focus on ROI. We're driven by a commitment to delivering tangible, measurable outcomes, ensuring that your goals are not only met but exceeded.


One stop shop

We assist you in crafting compelling storytelling and effective marketing strategies, guaranteeing that your videos translate into tangible sales and heightened brand awareness.

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All Colors of Communication consistently demonstrates proficiency in creating personalized video content, coupled with a keen understanding and empathy for our unique circumstances. Their exceptional strength lies in seamlessly incorporating content objectives into videos that align seamlessly with our corporate culture. I wholeheartedly recommend their services.

Alexander Goes
Markering director, Dustin

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