Joost: “Teamwork really makes the dream work”

Creative strategist

Philosopher, (re)builder, art enthusiast, dreamer, nature lover, and creative at heart. Joost Ducatteeuw is a man of many faces. At All Colors, he is above all the creative mind behind several communication campaigns. Modest as he is (we also need to add this characteristic to our list above), Joost always attributes his success to teamwork.

Ever since his art training in Doornik, Joost has always been artistic. Before joining All Colors – more than 10 years ago – he gained experience as an art and creative director at various advertising agencies.

From idea to implementation

Then why switch to All Colors? “Quite simply because here the creative phase and the execution are combined in one job. Before, I only shared my thoughts and assisted with the initial step. Here I can stay actively involved in the creative process by building up ideas and putting them into practice.”

During his years at All Colors, Joost witnessed the exponential growth of the company. “In 10 years, we have quadrupled. A lot of expertise has been added, new colleagues who continue to inspire me (and hopefully I inspire them too). And I see a management that keeps looking ahead. I feel that I can work in a privileged sector; in an agency that is ready to respond to all the latest developments in the market. Even by working with AI, who would have thought that!”

His inexhaustible inspiration and quick ideas make Joost a highly sought-after colleague.

My inner engine is always running at full speed. During a brainstorm, I usually already have a creative design in mind. I am an associative thinker, allowing me to easily put myself in other settings and lifestyles in order to come up with a good idea. But I am well-aware that a story is the sum of many small pieces.

The best ideas are created together: here or in Peru

Joost developed this talent for constructive thinking at an early age. Being the son of a family business in “construction”, he has always considered himself a builder. Just not in the literal sense of the word, but as someone who helps to build a story.

And that story sometimes goes far, very far – literally and figuratively. All the way to La Niebla Forest, an untouched piece of nature in Peru. “When a befriended couple asked me to get involved in a project to protect a patch of rainforest, I did not have to think long. It is a great initiative that I cannot realize myself, so I am happy to contribute. One day I hope to see it with my own eyes.” (smiles)

Dare to rebel!

Joost’s artistic mind has more tips for people who start in a creative job like his. “Sometimes you have to dare to rebel and do your own thing. Don’t follow the established path, but be bold, show guts, and be a combative explorer on the path of new insights. Feel free to act differently, choose for extreme rather than cautious, be inspired by what is happening around you and surprise me – and with me an entire generation.”

We could not have described it any better, Joost. And that picture of you on your piece of Peruvian soil is something we look forward to!

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