Everyone counts!

Everyone counts!

everyone counts!

KOBArT stands for Catholic schools of the Turnhout region and is the overarching administration of 15 schools in the region. It is a young organization, whose schools each have their own identity and are very diverse both in terms of the programmes offered and in terms of the public they serve. The task was to enable the organization to present a clearer profile, enabling KOBArT to grow into a sort of quality label.

This was far from straightforward, as you had to get all stakeholders (principals, teachers, pupils and parents) to convey the same narrative with these values. We were also aware that a top-down approach with a message imposed by the administrators would not work. That is why we decided to start from deep within the organization. We organized a workshop with all the principals, in order to bring out the strong, shared values. Based on the outcome, a charter was drawn up organized around four basic values: commitment, acceptance, growth and collaboration. Everything was pegged to the tagline ‘Everyone counts’.

KOBArT school organization: Everyone counts!

Everything was worked into a campaign with communication points and messages from the management to the staff, from teachers to pupils as well as parents. By determining what the message means concretely to each target group, it was far more than an empty slogan. The schools from the group all received the basic materials and templates to spread the message and the values of the charter in their own way within their schools. All teachers received a badge with the slogan ‘Everyone counts!’

Everyone counts!

The overarching school administrator received many positive reactions. And the most important aspect is that thanks to the campaign, each stakeholder knows that everyone is important and that everyone knows that everything is open for discussion at all times. 

This project opened the doors to the school for us as well, and engaged us in contact with the school administrations of KOBA NoordkAnt, KOBA ZuidkAnt and Wijs (secondary schools in Sint-Niklaas) for whom we worked out everything from a new name to the brochure. But that’s for the next class 😉  

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