Rebranding an ambitious gamechanger


Rebranding an ambitious gamechanger

Zig when others zag. CHRLY.BE is the gamechanger in IT recruitment, founded by Fujitsu Belgium. The company is fun, hyper-ambitious, and - at appropriate times - delightfully 'straightforward'. The only problem: internally, everyone is imbued with this culture, but the young brand does not yet radiate this. A rebranding of all communications is in order.

Rebranding is a big step, and it is important to take the time to do so. The challenge is clear: how to do things differently and thereby be seen in the saturated HR market.

We start from the story of the brand founded in 2021. We dive deep and conduct a thorough audit, to get to the core strategy and values. Once there, we start building, until we have a clear, and in this case badass, line.

Branding with a twist


We work on both brand identity and brand messaging. We create a strong and consistent identity that reflects the vision and direction. "Be visible, stand out where they are" is the leitmotiv in this new story, with the "they" referring to the different target groups. This translates into colorful designs, diverse imagery and bold no-nonsense typography.

To get even closer to the target group of school leavers, the spinoff 'Young CHRLY' is being created. This one is even more colorful and bolder. To put it CHRLY's way: campus recruitment reinvented!

Everything is captured and explained in a brand book. Anyone can use this brand guide with fonts, colors, icons and more, and apply the brand assets appropriately.

The copy follows a solid SEO analysis. We don't just throw around a few buzzwords and hashtags, we throw ourselves into clear and enthusiastic storytelling. CHRLY has a unique story, we make sure it stands out and resonates with the target audience through the right tone of voice, adapted to the specific communication channel, of course.

Brandguide CHRLY p1
Brandguide CHRLY p2

Push me. And then just watch me.


The new branding is rolled out everywhere: website, goodies, nametags, office decor, event marketing, onboarding packages, ... The new corporate video is placed under a button "Push me. And then just watch me", it is little puns like this that make CHRLY really CHRLY.

The digital campaigns are updated and now that communication is on point, a customer lead gen campaign is also launched. The results soon follow: the bounce rate decreases, the number of pages per visit increases and the CVs and leads pour in. In terms of employer branding, CHRLY is also seeing a boost.

mockup chrly
collage chrly visuals

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the success of a story depends on what you do with it

Reaching KPI's - that's what it's all about. We are one of the few agencies in the Benelux to combine the strengths of PR, (digital) marketing, content and design in-house. This gives us the opportunity to translate the most complex questions into successful result-driven campaigns.