The road to Planet V

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the road to Planet V

Imagine a future where people and business processes are all optimized as a result of a digital transformation. This dream world really exists and we call it Planet V. Although that planet seems light years away from us, VMware and partners are making sure that their customers will be among the first to set foot on its surface. By preparing their IT infrastructure for the needs of today and tomorrow. 

We devised this playful campaign ourselves and developed it from start to finish. The goal? To position VMware and its partners as the ideal travel companions on the road to Planet V. To this end, we launched two campaigns in which we unveiled their vision through a mix of social media, landing pages, emails, mailers and lead generation. Seven VMware partners embarked for our trip to Planet V. 

Raising awareness 

The first campaign ran in the first half of 2021. It focused on three solutions that VMware and partners are using to guide their customers to Planet V: end user computing, data center & modern apps, and security. These elements are all essential for a successful digital transformation. Each partner was able to start from their own expertise. 

Then we created a separate landing page for each partner where we highlighted their expertise. We used it to set up a social media campaign. On LinkedIn, we even developed a dedicated Planet V platform for this purpose. We also used this channel to generate leads with whitepapers from the partners. The campaign created a lot of awareness and therefore tasted like more… 

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‘We believe…’

A personal touch 

At the end of the summer, we launched a follow-up of the first campaign. This time we wanted to focus mainly on the vision of the partners and start from the people behind those ideas. The common thread was the concept ‘We believe…’, where each partner explained in one sentence what they stand for. Their full story could once again be read through a dedicated landing page. Each partner was also given a download page where they could share a whitepaper, video or vision. 

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The second campaign focused mainly on the people and less on the VMware solutions. It gave everything a personal and warm touch. This time we also included a social media campaign, but wanted to go a step further than just raising awareness. The partners could choose from a menu of extra options if they wanted to generate more touch points with customers. The majority opted for a combination of a social media campaign with sending a mail and direct mail, followed by call out.


VMware mailing

Destination reached 

The journey to Planet V took about one year. During that time, we took full responsibility for the project management. So we did not just come up with the concept, but took care of the entire implementation with the social media campaigns, the creation of landing pages, sending out mails and direct mails, and lead generation. The entire project was a fine interaction that we developed together with the VMware partners. Eventually, we raised awareness and gave them the means for conversions. 

Over the course of the campaign, we also communicated extensively with the partners themselves. This resulted in a nice bonus, because some partners decided to call on All Colors of Communication for their own marketing and communication. Or how Planet V opened up a world of new possibilities for everyone in this project. 


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