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What do you get when LeasePlan’s orange is combined with the color pallette of All Colors: high voltage! And certainly when the worldwide market leader in fleet management seeks to become the most important player in Belgium as well. It’s simple, really: every company is a potential client of LeasePlan. At the same time, there is also a great weakness - for every leasing company is ultimately competing for the same fleet of cars. So there are two options: either LeasePlan enters into a price war, or we build a story where the option of leasing a car becomes in fact a no-brainer. Guess which one we chose!

Retro is hip

The leasing system in a few words: you pay for something on a monthly basis and you get a product/services in return. Translated to the modern consumer: a food box instead of going shopping every day; streaming instead of buying audio and video; swiping instead of dating... For ultimately, that is exactly what LeasePlan does: make their clients’ lives easier, share thoughts about tax issues and accompany the transition to electric vehicles. All that remains to be done is to get people on board. Given that everything comes back into fashion, and we had the ‘new gold’ at our disposal (that is, companies with a fleet of cars), we went for a good old DM action. Three teasing postcards, followed by the delivery of the first LeasePLan EV - but in miniature format. The ideal way to start building the story and demonstrating that the transition to electric cars is not only growing but is also fun. And via LeasePlan, it’s really easy.


Sales without marketing?
No way!

In addition to account-based marketing, we will launch a broad awareness-raising campaign. Between September 2020 and January 2021, you couldn't have avoided LeasePlan even if you'd wanted to. We literally put the pedal to the metal together with the trade press such as Fleet, the regular media such as HLN, 7sur7 and De Morgen, and finally the radio broadcasters Studio Brussel, MNM, NRJ and La Première. The message: should you buy or lease your next car?

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the success of a story depends on what you do with it

Reaching KPI's - that's what it's all about. We are one of the few agencies in the Benelux to combine the strengths of PR, (digital) marketing, content and design in-house. This gives us the opportunity to translate the most complex questions into successful result-driven campaigns.