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Más que una feria (More than a fair)

Infosecurity is to our clients in the IT sector what the car show is for car manufacturers. It is a very important networking opportunity, with many visitors from the right target group. In order to draw extra attention to our clients during this two-day trade fair, we created Tech2020

Tech2020 magazine

The aim was a luxuriously produced magazine that every visitor would receive in a goodie bag from the organizer of the fair. We kept the contents deliberately free of product announcements. Instead, we opted for in-depth interviews in which the business leader or CEO shared his/her inspiring vision of a certain aspect of technology. And of the future. This ensured that the magazine offered long-lasting value.

We looked beyond just our clients in the sector. Companies from other industries (media, automotive) also recounted how technology and digitalization were impacting their sector. The specialists in privacy or AI were also given a platform in the magazine.

Internal production from cover to (back) cover

This project was carried out internally from A to Z and is a fine example of how all the departments of All Colors of Communication can work together and how such a collaborative project brings the best out of each of them. The content team looked after the interviews and the texts, the branding team took charge of the layout; the print team handled the practical implementation (from arrangements with the printer to sending the final copy to the production company for insertion in the goodie bags); the marketing team (digital) took care of the online process with a lead generation campaign via social media. And lastly, the PR team took care of the editorial tasks for the client apart from the magazine. 

Magazine Tech 2020

Coronavirus = no trade fair. What now?

The coronavirus was the big party pooper in 2020. A week before the fair, our country went into lockdown. The event was postponed twice, but in the end it appeared that it would not be taking place in 2020, and so we quickly looked for other ways of distribution.

We decided on a partnership with the trade publication Solutions Magazine. This meant that 2500 copies reached the target group (IT managers and IT professionals). Solutions Magazine was able to offer its readers additional inspirational content free of charge, and our clients received extra media attention in the magazine. Clearly a win-win that went beyond the trade fair itself. Más que una feria, as they say in Barcelona ;-)

If you would like to see the magazine, you can read it here.

The biggest technology challenge of the year is increasing the adoption rate of AI. There is still great tension between doomsayers, who think that AI will destroy our lives, and fantasists who believe that AI can do anything.

Mieke De Ketelaere - Program Director Artificial Intelligence, imec

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