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Executive Profiling (Dell Technologies)

Dell Technologies
executive profiling

It’s a people business 

A company is more than the products and solutions that it brings to market. For, however you look at it, people are always the centre of attention. As a client, a supplier, a partner or an end user. You may not always think so, but tech is also a people business. 

Profiling the manager 

So positioning the general manager – alongside the classic product announcements, of course – is an important part of our PR activities. Presenting them first of all as experts in their fields. In short: thought leadership. Trade and business media generally like to listen to business leaders with a solid vision. And from time to time, their statements may be peppered with a few jokes. You can also play on current events and ‘hijack’ the news. Dell Technologies is a fine example of this. When, at the height of the coronavirus crisis, every Belgian could request a strip of 10 train tickets, we responded that it might be more useful to support people working from home with an economic support measure. 

After that, we looked for the themes that were close to the heart of company spokespersons. That way, they could talk about it with complete conviction: CSR, Women in Tech, training, diversity. So, away from their company’s core business, in other words – technology, in the case of Dell Technologies. It also meant sharing their own experience of the merger of Dell and EMC to form Dell Technologies, and what leadership involved in that process. This personal touch always makes for interesting discussions and stories. And this can be an opportunity to position them as speakers at events and seminars. 

 Executive Profiling


The various faces of Dell Technologies came to the fore through interviews and/or opinions in De Markt (the economic magazine of VRT), Trends, L’echo, Bloovi, Data News, ITdaily and HR magazines. We supported them also by telling these stories outside the classic media, via their own social media channels. For that is where they engage in direct interaction with their network. Have we mentioned that this is a people business? ;-) 

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